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General Price List

Prices are effective on the date below and are subject to change without notice.
Effective March 1, 2017

The goods and services shown below are those that we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire.
However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. If legal or other
requirements mean you must buy any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain to you the reason in writing on the
statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected.

Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
Description Prices
Our fee for the basic services of funeral director and staff includes, but is not limited to, staff to respond to initial request for service; arrangement conference with family and responsible parties; arrangement of service/tribute; preparation and filing of necessary authorizations and permits; recording vital statistics; preparation of local obituary notice; and coordination with those providing other portions of the funeral (e.g., clergy, church, cemetery, crematory, vault companies and others as required) within the U.S. and its territories. Also included in this charge are overhead expenses relative to our facilities, such as professional licensing, legal and accounting fees, insurance, building and utility expenses, parking lot and grounds maintenance, taxes, equipment, furnishings, inventory costs, recordkeeping,
and secretarial and administrative expenses, governmental compliance i.e. OSHA, FTC. This fee for our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select. (This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations, immediate burials, and forwarding or receiving remains.)
Description Prices
Except in certain special cases, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial. Includes use of South Carolina registered embalming room and South Carolina licensed embalmer to perform embalming procedure. $645
Other Preparation of Body
Description Prices
Bathing and sanitary care of deceased when no embalming has been performed. $235
Additional procedures for organ/tissue/bone donors or autopsied remains. $250
Dressing and casketing remains. $125
Cosmetizing remains $125
Hairdressing $85
Refrigeration facility for deceased
This is the holding of the deceased for burial or cremation. It is our policy to require the refrigeration of an un-embalmed body after 24 hours. Due to the length of time involved from embalming to the date of the service refrigeration may be required. This charge will apply after three days.
$ 25 per day
Anatomical Donation
This charge includes initial escort of remains, basic services of staff, necessary authorizations, arrangement of transportation to medical facility. This charge does not include transfer to a medical facility, visitations, rites, or ceremonies prior to or after forwarding of the body. It does not include the fee for cremation of the remains by the institution if you wish them to be returned to you. We can arrange this for you.
Expedited Cremation or Burial
Expedited fee: We will make every attempt to complete the burial/cremation within five business days. This fee may apply should you require the services to be completed in less time.
Additional Services and Facility Fees
Description Prices
Use of facilities and staff for viewing
Our services include visitation setup, use of visitation room up to four hours, placement of casketed remains, display of floral arrangements, supervision and coordination during the viewing, visitation, or wake.
One-day public visitation (up to four hours each day) $375
Private viewing for immediate family only at funeral home for 15 minutes, during normal business hours. One period only. After 15 minutes visitation charges will apply. After 24 hours, embalming may be necessary. Charges for sanitary care and minimal preparation will apply. this is not intended to be a public visitation, but an opportunity for family to have a last moment with their loved one. No Charge
Use of equipment and staff for visitation at other facility. $375
Special hours additional charge per hour prior to 9 am and after 8 pm or more than four hours. $125
Use of facilities and staff for a funeral ceremony.
Our services include coordinating the funeral arrangements, supervision of funeral, set up and use of facility, and staff to attend the funeral ceremony.
Use of equipment and staff for services at other facility.
Our services include coordinating the funeral arrangements, set up at facility, and equipment and additional staff necessary to conduct a funeral at another facility.
Use of facilities and staff for memorial service.
Our services include coordinating the memorial service, supervision of the memorial service, staff to attend the memorial service, and set up and use of our facilities for memorial service.
Use of staff and equipment for memorial service at other facility.
Our services include coordinating the memorial service, supervision of the memorial service, use of any needed equipment, as well as delivering payment to the service participants.
Use of equipment and staff for graveside service.
Our services include coordinating the funeral arrangements at graveside, supervision of the graveside service, equipment and staff necessary to conduct the graveside service.
Use of staff and equipment for committal service of cremated remains. $200
Cremation fee. $530
Delayed Payment/Life Insurance Claim or Assignment Filing Fee. $450
Documentation fee for transfer of remains outside continental U.S. $200 – $500
Hourly fee for services of funeral director for out of town service. $55
Pacemaker removal and disposition fee. $150
Escort of Remains to Funeral Home
Description Prices
Within 40 mile local service radius $250
Automotive Equipment
Description Prices
Funeral Coach Service $325
Limousine Service
Available at your residence or at the funeral home on the day of the service for (6) persons for two hour minimum to four hour maximum. After four hours charges are based on hourly fees. We request a minimum of 36 hours to arrange for this service.
Starting at
$300 + Gratuity
Lead Car $150
For each mile outside of local service radius, add per mile one way $3.45
Flower Van $75
Escort of Remains to/from Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport with service automobile $295
Escort of remains to/from Charleston hospitals or Charleston International Airport $300
Description Prices
A complete list is included with this price brochure. From $1,790 to $8035
Outer Burial Containers
Description Prices
A complete list is included with this price brochure. From $1,835 to $4,075
Cremation Caskets/Container Prices
A cremation casket or container is used to shelter your loved up to and including the cremation.
Description Prices
A complete list is included with this price brochure. From $100 to $3,030
Description Prices
A complete price list of cremation urns is available at the funeral home From $85
Printed Materials and Stationery and Other Merchandise
Description Prices
A complete list is included with this price brochure. From $45
Forwarding of Remains to Another Funeral Home
Description Prices
This charge includes initial escort of remains, filing papers, embalming, sanitary care, other body preparation, and combination shipping container for remains. It includes the basic services of funeral director and staff and transfer to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. It does not include services of staff or the use of facilities for visitations or ceremonies prior to or after forwarding of remains. $3,250
Receiving of Remains from Another Funeral Home
Description Prices
This charge includes transportation from local airport, transportation to cemetery or crematory, temporary handling of remains in holding room, and assistance from funeral home staff. It does not include services of staff or facilities for viewing or ceremony. $2,905
Direct Cremations
Description Prices
Our charge for a direct cremation (without viewing or ceremony)
Basic services of funeral director and staff
Initial escort of the deceased from place of death
Refrigeration facilities for deceased
Crematory fee

If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without outside covering). The containers we provide are made of cardboard, fiber board, or various woods.

From $3,025 down to $2,685
1. Direct cremation with container provided by purchaser $2,685
2. Direct cremation with alternative container $3,025
3. Direction cremation with casket as selected $2,685
Final Disposition of Cremated Remains (local)
Description Prices
Placement at cemetery or columbarium of your choice at our convenience (cemetery or columbarium fee not included) without family or guests present. $150
Graveside service with cremated remains. Placement at cemetery or columbarium other than directly prior to or following a memorial service or tribute. $200
Scattering of cremated remains in local waters at our convenience (unattended by family). $300
Scattering of cremated remains in local waters on a chartered vessel. Minimum two-hour journey. Restrictions apply with regard to location and number of passengers, depending on vessel available. $500 – $700
Packaging and mailing of cremated remains via U. S. Postal Service Express Mail (specific delivery date and time non-guaranteed by U.S. Postal Service) $150
Safekeeping of cremated remains beyond 60 days following death $350
Receiving cremated remains from another funeral home or person (minimum charge)
Additional memorial/scattering options are available, please consult your funeral director.
Federal Express delivery of documents. Fee dependent upon delivery day and method. $50 – $75
Immediate Burials
Description Prices
Our charge for an immediate burial (without viewing, graveside service or ceremony) includes removal and shelter of remains, local transportation to the cemetery, basic services of staff and necessary authorizations. This charge does not include the use of facilities and staff for any visitation or ceremony, public or private, prior to burial. The burial will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the funeral home, family, and cemetery, with or without the family present. From $2,880 to $4,670
1. Immediate burial with container provided by the purchaser $2,880
2. Immediate burial with minimum casket $4,670
3. Immediate burial with casket as selected $2,880

Merchandise Price List

These prices are effective as of January 1, 2017 and are subject to change without notice

Burial Casket Price List

Sandhurst Il Poplar/Veneer— Satin Finish $1,790
Country Pine Pine $2,765
Hearthside Oak-Satin Finish $2,995
Montgomery Ash- Satin Finish $3,095
American Heritage Maple-Satin Finish $3,205
Sovereign Pecan-Satin Finish $3,285
Andover Maple $3,835
Ratlin Oak-Satin Finish $3,790
Winston Cherry-Satin Finish $4,200
Warfield Cherry $4,252
Diplomat Walnut-Satin Finish $5,995
Olympus Mahogany $6,475
Gibson Copper Copper — Bronze natural Spice $5,740
Harrison Bronze — Natural Venetian Bronze $8,035
Belmont Stainless Steel-Natural Colonial Pewter $3,905
Mansfield Stainless Steel-Natural Platinum $3,845
Cameo Rose 18 Gauge-Antique White $3,098
Parthenon 16 Gauge-Platinum/Gunmetal $3,775
Hyacinth 18 Gauge-Silver on Rose  $2,503
Classic 18 Gauge-Spruce Blue $2,277
Sterling 18 Gauge-Grecian Gold $2,210
Carver 20 Gauge-Colonial Bronze $1,986
Traditional Poplar-Appropriate for Traditional Jewish Burial $2,295

Cremation Caskets and Alternative Containers

York Cherry $3,050
Even Tide Poplar $1,550
Norwood Rental Oak $1,290
Sebring Cloth $600
Shore Haven Oak Finish $1,985
Norfolk $1,030
Utility** $340
Minimum** $100

**Not suitable for public viewing/visitation or church ceremony

Outer Burial Container Price List

In most areas of the country, state or local law does not require that you purchase a container to surround the casket in the grave. However, many cemeteries require that you have such a container so that the grave will not sink in. Either a grave liner or a burial vault will satisfy those requirements.

Aegean Bronze Elite Concrete with Bronze Liner $4,075
Aegean Copper Elite Concrete with Copper Liner $3,686
Aegean SST Concrete with Stainless Steel Liner $2,945
The Reflection Concrete with Stainless Steel and polystyrene liner $2,610
Aegean Concrete with simulated marble or granite inner and outer liners $2,470
Aegean Healing Tree Concrete with Healing Tree Carapace, Simulated Cultured Marble Lining $2,470
Trilogy Concrete with High Impact Polystyrene Liner $2,030
Oxford Concrete with High Impact Polystyrene, Simulated Brown Leather Grain Lining $1,995
Grave Liner Non-protective, minimum concrete casket container $1,835

The above outer burial container prices include the use of two tents and chairs, as well as sound system equipment and  memorial book register stand. Not included are charges for services after 3pm, weekend services, or holiday surcharges.


The Island Funeral Home and Crematory and its subsidiaries make no representations or warranties regarding caskets, outer burial containers, or other funeral goods sold by the funeral home. The only warranties expressed or implied, granted in conjunction with the goods sold with this funeral service are the express written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof. The Island Funeral Home and Crematory expressly disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, related to these products, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose.


Cremation Urns $85 to $2,875

A complete price list of cremation urns is available at the funeral home.

Meaningful Memorialization — Ways to Personalize a Service

Printed Materials and Stationery

We offer a wide variety of printed materials and stationery for recording guests and carrying a personal theme throughout visitation, funeral and memorial services and all types of gatherings. We have a large number of selections to meet the needs of the families we serve. Stationery items begin at $10.00 for a box of basic (non-personalized) thank you cards.

Many families choose to pass on their favorite memories and photographs through the use of:

Memorial Folders Photo Boards Service Bulletins Thank You cards Prayer/Holy Cards


Preprinted Thank You cards $10
Memorial Register Books $45 – $115
Rosary $25
Prayer/Holy Cards (set of 100 or portion thereof) $75
Custom Prayer Cards (set of 100 or portion thereof) $125
Service Bulletins (100 or portion thereof) $125
Custom Service Bulletins (100 or portion thereof)
Includes photos, custom artwork, etc.
Air Tray (encases the casket during air transit) $175
Disaster Pouch (only in special cases) $200
Bookmarks (Laminated) $4 each
Flag display Case — Cherry $150
Crucifix $20
Laminating $2 per item
Shroud $125
Shiva Candle $20
Combination Shipping Container (Encases
the body during air transit)
Biodegradable Urn Liners $3


Music is a very easy and beautiful way to reflect on someone’s life and share what they have found meaningful and enjoyable. We offer a variety of live musicians and vocalists to suit any style of music. Music has always been an important part of services but can also be shared during visitations, graveside services, memorial gatherings, and shared meals.

Organist from $250
Soloist from $200
Guitarist from $250
Bagpiper from $400
Harpist from $400
Cellist from $400
Violinist from $400

We also have a selection of music available on CD at our funeral home, or you may choose to provide your own CD to be played.


We can arrange a wide range of catering services that can be held in our facilities or other locations. Typically, these can be before, between or after your visitation, service or gathering. We have ongoing relationships with caterers who will be happy to work to provide you with the type of foods you would like, and the level of service you choose from providing platters to providing complete food service. Linens, glassware, china, and chairs/tables are quoted upon request. We can arrange for items to be delivered to your residence, church or other facility.