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One of the most important ways a funeral home can help its community is through the use of preplanning. This lets families make all the key decisions for services ahead of time, ensuring a celebration of life that’s appropriate for everyone.

When a loved one passes without plans already in place, it can put an enormous burden on the family. There’s a very short time frame to make decisions. Understandably, emotions can run high as survivors deal with their grief.

Also, when someone passes away unexpectedly, financial considerations must be hashed out right away. Paying a burial or cremation then gets worked out under less-than-optimal circumstances, potentially creating greater stress for everyone.

That’s why planning ahead is so beneficial. It eases the burden on your family and ensures your wishes are completely understood and facilitated.

If you were to pass without making your wishes known, would your family:

  • Be able to make those decisions at such a difficult time?
  • Know whether you wish to be buried or cremated?
  • Know whether to choose a service with an open or closed casket?
  • Know how much to budget?

By planning ahead and setting aside funds for services, you relieve your family of such concerns. It ensures your life is celebrated the way you wish, even after you’ve passed.

It Lets You Prepay

While preplanning doesn’t necessarily have to include setting aside funds, doing so can provide an enormous benefit. Your family won’t have to worry about payment and will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing everything is already handled.

Plans Can Be Changed as Needed

You can create a plan at any time and any stage of life. If a change in circumstances or preferences prompt you to amend that plan, that can be done easily as well. You’ll always know you have the right plan in place for you at that time. Please visit to learn more. If you have additional questions or concerns, email: