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As times change, so do the ways people deal with death in their families. Today, fewer people have a connection with a particular church. Many are less connected with the traditions and customs their families honored over generations.

In times like these, where does the celebration of life fit in? What are people looking for in a funeral service? How does a funeral home such as ours—one that’s been serving Hilton Head Island residents for well over three decades—best serve these families?

To us, what matters is honoring your loved one and ensuring the most reverent and thoughtful experience for family and friends. That’s why we’re the only place with a certified celebrant on staff. That’s why we place such a premium on education and training.

We have the most experienced group of funeral directors and assistants you’ll find anywhere. Their job is to celebrate your loved one’s life in all its glory while helping you through a challenging time.

A funeral service provides many benefits. It lets family and friends memorialize their loved one, share wonderful memories and declare to everyone in attendance how special that individual was in their lives.

It’s also an important part of the healing process. The bond shared by families and close friends is a powerful force for helping one another make peace with their loss and appreciate how much caring they continue to share.

With our vast experience in facilitating families’ needs, we can personalize any service to your wishes.

We listen attentively to your needs and expectations, and then share our experience on what would work best within that framework.

In a funeral service, families commonly hear stories from others that they had never heard before. Finding out how your loved one touched the lives of others, along with being surrounded by family and friends, can bring great comfort in a difficult time.

You deserve a service that perfectly honors the deceased while providing a welcoming, healing environment for you and your family. At Island Funeral Home and Crematory, that’s what we do.