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Cremation With a Service

Cremation has increasingly become more popular in recent years, but many people remain unsure about what it entails. Specifically, can you still have a comprehensive celebration of life if your loved one is cremated?

You certainly can. In fact, The Island Funeral Home and Crematory specializes in providing exceptional, fully personalized services paired with cremation.

We’re the cremation experts in the Hilton Head Island area. We own and operate our own crematory, so your loved one never leaves our care. Our staff undergoes ongoing professional development in working with families who choose cremation.

We also thoroughly understand how to take advantage of the extraordinary flexibility cremation offers. When you choose cremation, you have myriad options for how—and when—to proceed with services.

You can schedule the service to work best for family and friends. If people need to travel from far away, that’s fine: Services can take place anytime following cremation. You can also have services before cremation, perhaps following a visitation, if desired, or have them essentially coincide.

Options include interment of cremated remains, which may also include graveside services, the scattering of remains in a meaningful location, or the distribution of remains into multiple urns, each of which can be provided to an individual family member. 

Essentially every option related to a traditional burial service is also available with cremation with a service, allowing families to create a tribute in whatever way is most appropriate for them.

Cremation Without a Service

If desired, families also can choose cremation without a service. At The Island Funeral Home and Crematory, we believe all families deserve to have their loved one’s passing handled properly and professionally. We can guarantee the very best service because we specialize in cremation and run our own crematory.